Work History.

ICON Meals

Director of Ecommerce

  • Developed and released a subscription program that grew to 40%+ of monthly gross revenue in less than 90 days.

  • Designed and partnered with a Loyalty & Referral Program that has measurably decreased the average order interval by 15%

  • Redesigned the Affiliate Program, cutting expenditure by over $60k/mo with incredible feedback from our partners and affiliates on the performance of the new program.

  • Co-developed the Sponsored Athlete program for long term partnerships with athletes, fighters, competitors, and more.

  • Lead the project team that redeveloped the ICON Meals and Protein Popcorn websites to improve the customer experience, improve new customer acquisition and consideration, and served to meet the "ICON 2.0" branding standards.

  • Developed and implemented the "ICON 2.0" branding standards - re-envisioning how ICON Meals positions itself with its customers and partners to drive greater growth and adoption.

  • Program Manager & Lead for three White Label clients, providing a cumulative 135% volume increase for ICON Meals.

Fit Legacy

Marketing Director

  • 15+ Clients

  • 3 Internal Companies

  • Promoted growth of the overall client portfolio by 12.3% through effective advertising & marketing strategies

  • Overhauled the internal management structure

  • Redesigned internal product management structure

  • Redesigned client-facing reports and interactions

  • Developed an intermediary layer to power new client facing reports that update in real-time

Studio Untitled

Founder, CEO

  • Game and Software Development company

  • 20+ developers, artists & full-time production staff

  • Diverse in-house developer talents include Software Development, Graphic Design, 2D Art, 3D Art, Worldbuilding, and Videography

  • Developed a unique online office culture that satisfied and promoted employee interaction and engagement

  • Developed a culture of caring excellence. Employees were expected to perform at their best, but were given time to deal with their own needs

  • Sold business in a private sale in August 2021.


University of North Texas

B.S. Data Science

Member, Data Science Organization